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Empires of Arkeia

Friv 5 free online game Empires of Arkeia - Orcs, pirates, and strange blue fishfolk are swarming all over the islands! Gather your forces.
Categories: Friv 77 , Friv 80 , Friv.today , Adventure

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    Catapult Madness

    Catapult Madness is an awesome trebuchet game programmed by Louissi and inspired by Kitten Cannon. Use your catapult to launch carriers to reach your neighbour and ask for help. Use left mouse button to choose angle and fire power of the catapult shot...

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    Take this young ninja on a dangerous and exciting mission to deliver the fake scroll to Burraku castle to save the beautiful princess! The journey is fraught with dangers so be careful! Make sure you stock up on the best weapons and items you can!

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